Second, Kita-ku, will hold a sports volunteer training course! !

The 2nd Kita Ward Sports Volunteer Training Course in the Ornamental Year uses equipment unique to the competition of hearing impaired people, such as start lamps that invite players to participate in the Deaflympics (deaf Olympics) as instructors and visualize the start sound. Experience the world of differential sports. This time, as a special event for the disabled, we will hold a lecture by the Japan Hearing Impaired Athletics Association before the sports volunteer training course. * Participation fee is free [Date] December 8 (Sunday) 2pm-4pm (Reception: 1: 30-) [Venue] Akabane Gymnasium (3-46-16 Shimo) Exercise studio and sub arena [Contents] Part 1 Disability Week Memorial Lecture “Soundless World-Def Land-Challenge to […]

Top athlete’s direct transmission class held

Direct guidance from active players and coaches ! “ Top Athlete Direct Class ” will be held in August and September for 3 consecutive weeks ! In addition to those who want to improve their level, inexperienced people can also participate, Please apply ! ! * Application has been closed. Thank you for many applications!