Installed a signboard introducing the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Ubagabashi intersection-Nishigaoka soccer field intersection sidewalk ("ROUTE2020" On "Tresen Street"), we installed signboards (20 units) and solar-type pole-type lighting (40 units) to introduce the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the efforts of Kita Ward. Of the 20 units, 17 units provide an overview and points of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games (partial), as well as the history from the ancient Olympics. In addition, in the remaining 3 units, "ROUTE 2020" Introducing "Tresen Street", Kita Ward's efforts regarding the Tokyo 2020 Games, and the scenery of Kita Ward. Please have a look! !! Kita Ward HP

Recruitment of participants for wheelchair fencing class!

We are holding a wheelchair fencing class in Kita Ward! Would you like to feel the charm of wheelchair fencing? You can also visit and participate in the experience, so feel free to join us. Date and time Every friday From 18:30 to 20:30 In addition to public holidays, there are closed days. place Kita Ward Akabane Gymnasium Exercise Studio on the 1st floor (3-46-16 Shimo, Kita-ku) Teacher Coach belonging to Japan Wheelchair Fencing Association, etc. Target Persons with spinal cord injury or lower limb amputation / disorder who have exercise experience and who can perform wheelchair fencing as a competition Anyone can visit and experience. Entry fee free Application […]

Recruitment of fencing class participants! !!

We hold fencing classes under the guidance of coaches belonging to the Tokyo Fencing Association . [Date and time] Every Monday (There are holidays and holidays) 18: 00-20: 00 [Place] Takinogawa Nishi Fureaikan 8th floor multipurpose hall [Target] 3rd grade to 3rd grade of elementary school living in Kita Ward [Cost] 2,000 yen per month [How to apply] You can also join after participating in the experience. If you would like to participate in the experience, please contact us at the telephone number below. [Application / Inquiries] Regional Promotion Department Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics Section Phone number 03 (5390) 1136 Fencing classroom flyer

Under recruitment of participants for universal sports experience event!

Many people interact through universal sports, regardless of their disabilities With the aim of deepening mutual understanding and understanding and dissemination of sports for people with disabilities, We carry out "universal sports experience meeting". Inviting a coach of Tokyo Verdy as a lecturer, We will hold various sports experience event programs. Everyone with or without disabilities can participate. There is no participation fee ! We look forward to your visit ! [Schedule] (Reiwa 2) ・September 16 (Wednesday) ・October 7 (Wednesday) ・Wednesday, October 21 *Schedule is subject to change. 【time】 From 2pm to 3pm [Venue] Akabane Gymnasium Main Arena (3-46-16 Shimo, Kita-ku) [How to apply, etc.] For details, please see the […]

30th Peace Memorial Week

In Kita Ward, in commemoration of the "Peace City Declaration" established in 1986, as a peace prayer week, We hold the following events for peace. Through this project, we will once again give everyone an understanding of the purpose of the "Peace City Declaration". We would like you to pray, think, and act on "peace." At the booth of Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic section, Exhibition of quizzes and posters under the theme of "Peace Festival-History of Olympic and Paralympic Games" A message from Rikako Ikie (swimming) released on July 23 last month to coincide with the start time of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which will start next year , "A […]

Lots of valuable materials! Kita Ward, a special exhibition for top athletes!

It's only one year before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics ! Therefore, the materials that are preserved and owned by the wards that include the top athlete's town, Kita Ward We will have a special exhibition at Kita Topia ! Valuable materials that can only be seen here, such as signature colored paper of athletes related to Kita Ward Many are on display. Above all, the materials at the time of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics are a must-see ! Please come and visit us ! Admission is free. [Date and time] July 24 (Friday)-September 6 (Sunday) 8:30 to 22:00 【place】 Kita Topia B1F Residents Gallery (in front of the […]

It will be broadcast on TV from 18:00 (7/2) today! (Hungarian return message)

In response to the STAY HOME message video from the Hungarian Judo Association, the Fencing Federation, and the Handball Federation, the content of your support message to Hungary It will be broadcast in the following TV stations and programs. Please take a look ! [Broadcasting station] J:COM [Program name] Support for Jimoto! Connected News [Broadcast day] Today, 7/2 (Thursday) [Broadcast time] 18:00-(It will be broadcast for about 1 minute in the program) *Taito-ku, Sumida-ku, Edogawa-ku, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo Kita-ku, Adachi-ku, Katsushika-ku can be watched on TV 11ch if J:COM can be seen. ◆Program homepage Even if you can't watch J:COM, you can watch it live on J:COM's local information app […]

We are looking for messages to support Hungary!

STAY HOME from Hungarian Judo Association, Fencing Federation, Handball Federation In return for the message video, we are looking for support messages from everyone in Hungary ! Please see the Kita Ward website for details such as how to post messages. In Kita Ward, pre-camps for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games may be held. We are making various efforts to promote exchange with Hungary, which has been decided . Please check the Kita Ward website for details. (You can also watch the message video of STAY HOME here)

A message of “STAY HOME” has arrived from Hungary! ! ⑥

The message of "STAY HOME" has arrived from the Hungarian Judo Association ! ! A message from the Hungarian Handball Federation. [Vice Chairman Naji] (Hungarian Handball Federation Vice Chairman) Mr. Nagy, Vice president of Hungarian Handball Federation 【Japanese】 The coronavirus is making the world a lot harder. Even in Hungary, you have to wait at home to protect yourself and those around you. Of course, I am at home, but I am busy. I'm still handling emails, video conferencing, and my club team's Veszprem and Hungarian Handball Federation … I hope that the damage from the coronavirus will end no sooner and will return to normal life. I also ask […]

A message of “STAY HOME” has arrived from Hungary! ! ⑤

The message of "STAY HOME" has arrived from the Hungarian Judo Association ! ! A message from the Hungarian Judo Association .. [Pup player] (Hungary, Judo Women-52 kg class) Player Ms. Pupp, Women's Judo -52Kg Division, Hungary 【Japanese】 The world is in a difficult situation. It's a difficult time facing the same problem all over the world, Let's do our best for each one. Stay home now so that you can quickly get back to your normal life. STAY HOME! [English] The world is now in extremely critical situation. Now everybody in the world is coping with the same tough problem, however, let's try best which each individual can. At […]