I can enjoy sports more! Kita-ku Sports Ambassador’s Recommended Route Introduction (Part 2)

Left: Eriko Ishino (speed skating girls), right: Haruka Ueda (racing girls)

In Kita Ward, the city of top athletes, Kita Ward sports ambassadors are commissioned to prominent athletes related to the ward, and the personality and charm of the ward are disseminated and promoted.

Kita-ku Sports Ambassador Haruka Ueda (swimming girls) and Erika Ishino (speed-skating girls) introduced the recommended routes (below) for Kita-ku.

The second part starts from Oji Station ( Click here for the first part).

After lunch, Mr. Ishino disbanded for the purpose. Move by train with Ueda and head to Sun Square , a 1-minute walk from JR Keihin Tohoku Line / Tokyo Metro Namboku Line Oji Station.

Mr. Ueda, who was from Kita Ward, visited this Sun Square often during swimming practice when he was in elementary school.

Mr. Ueda "I was addicted to bowling and came here with my swimming friends about 3 weeks a week. I had a hard time practicing swimming, but when I bowled, I felt refreshed. I don't have any worries about swimming because I don't have any worries, but I've been so addicted that I can't get into swimming practice, so I've been banned from bowling.

This time, Ueda-san, who has been bowling for the first time in a few years, had a bowling confrontation with one interviewing staff.

Mr. Ueda has a little disappointing expression because the strike is not easy. However, the game was overwhelming.

We challenge the new sensation posing action “DYNAMITE POSE” that appeared in Sun Square. In the near-future space, you can dive through the holes and traps in the wall. You can select “Single Mode” for enjoyment by yourself or “Party Mode” for cooperation by 2 people.

Click here for details of "Dynamite Pause" https://www.npd.jp/sun/stadium.html

Mr. Ueda “It was a very good exercise because I use my whole body!”

Next, take the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line to Nishigahara Station. In fact, Mr. Ueda was born in Nishigahara and spent his fourth year in elementary school. Mr. Ueda, who knew Nishigahara well, was Hiratsutei Tsuru . It is a Japanese confectionery shop that Ueda has been attending since he was small.

Ueda's father seems to have graduated from this nearby elementary school, and a local talk makes a talk with his mother.

The weather was very good, so I had some sweets at the nearby Kita Ward Takinogawa Park .

Mr. Ueda, who uses Hiratsutei Tsuru or his special tasting dumplings. I enjoyed it as “nostalgic taste”.

Mr. Ueda, who was seriously engaged in swimming practice from junior high school, was playing here with his friends often when he was in elementary school.

Mr. Ueda "I used to spend time with my daughter in the park where I used to play. Recently I heard that there are fewer children playing outside, but when I come here There are so many children playing and it hasn't changed at all since I was a child. "

Mr. Ueda, who showed a very gentle expression when talking to his family, was impressive.

During the first part and the second part, two of the sports ambassadors who know Kita Ward have introduced plenty of recommended spots. Why don't you take a walk and visit these spots? You may have a chance to meet and meet top athletes.

Tsubame Station

Nishiyama park with paddy rice

Ajinomoto National Training Center (NTC), Sakai National Sports Science Center (JISS)

Akabane Sports Forest Stadium


⓻Sun Square

Takinogawa Park

Sakaki Hiratsutei Tsuru