[Match Results] Shoko Ota won the 7th place! !!

[ Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Results ]

In the second round of the repechage of the Taekwondo Women's K44 58kg class, which was held today on Saturday, September 4th.
Shoko Ota ( athlete related to Kita-ku : belonging to Softbank)
I lost to Janine Watson (Australia) 12-32.

Ota played at the Winter Paralympics

・ 2006 Turin Games: Bronze medal (Biathlon)
・ 2010 Vancouver Games: Silver medal (cross-country skiing)

He has won two medals in the past and at this Tokyo Games
I challenged myself to win the third medal in both summer and winter.
Unfortunately, I didn't win a medal.

However, in the appearance of Ota always trying new things
It gave me courage and excitement !

Congratulations to Ota for winning the 7th place ! !!

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