Do you not experience fencing in Kita-ku fencing classroom?

Fencing classes are held in Kita Ward, a town of top athletes.

The attractions of this classroom are the following three.

(1) Anyone can participate, regardless of sports experience or fencing experience, from the third grade of elementary school to the third grade of junior high school living in Kita Ward.

(2) Coaches belonging to the Tokyo Fencing Association, who have a track record of raising many famous players, will guide you.

We accept hands-on participation and tours at any time. You can also join after actually experiencing fencing.
In addition, we also lend out equipment during the experience participation.

If you are interested in fencing, such as trying a new sport or learning more about fencing, please contact the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics Section (03-5390-1136).

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* As measures against new coronavirus infections, we measure temperature, disinfect fingers, etc., ventilate the room, and disinfect used equipment.

(Past practice scene)