Interview with athletes related to Kita-ku! !!

Is an athlete of Kita Ward Yukari, in Mayo Doko soccer player (NTV Tokyo Verdy Beleza affiliation),
Members of the Tokyo 2020 Games project team (nickname: # Tokiopa ) conducted an online interview ! !!

In the interview, from the reason for starting soccer to the matter about Kita Ward
I asked a wide range of questions.

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* In July 2nd year of Reiwa , Kita-ku , Tokyo and Tokyo Verdy Co., Ltd.
We have signed an "Agreement on Promotion and Cooperation of Sports".

* The interview was conducted online in early February, 3rd year of Reiwa.
* Interviewer: Sayuri Yoshikawa, Sho Suzuki, Mayi Okada, Yuka Matsunaga , members of "# Tokiopa" in Reiwa 2nd year