Recruitment of members of the Kita-ku Hungary cheering party! !!

Hungary Judo, which will hold a pre-training camp for the Tokyo 2020 Games, to further foster the support of the fencing national team

We have formed the Hungary Cheering Party in Kita Ward! Let's register together and support Hungary! !!

For registration, please use this member registration form (link to the Kita-ku homepage) or email (see "Registration method" below for details).


Karakax Hedwig

(Hungarian Judo representative, participated in London 2012, Rio 2016)

Target: Exchange projects between the ward and Hungary, those who are even a little interested in Hungary, etc.

Activities: Supporting the Hungarian Judo / Fencing National Team Example: Talking with players online and sending ale, posting support messages to players, etc.

Member benefits: E-mail newsletter (national team information, introduction to Hungary, etc.) Priority application for Hungary-related projects sponsored by Kita Ward, etc.

Registration method: (1) Enter the necessary information from the member registration form (link to the ward homepage).

② Apply by email.

Enter "Kita-ku Hungary cheering party application" in the subject line, write the following in the text, and apply by email.

・ Name ・ Date of birth ・ E-mail address of the applicant (Not required if you are under 15 years old and do not have an address)

・ Parent's email address (only for those under 15 years old)

Email address: spo-vol (at)

* Some notations have been changed to prevent suspicious emails. Please change (at) to @ and send.

Registration complete: When registration is complete, we will send you a registration completion notification by email.
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