Participants of the Kita-ku fencing class participated in the fencing Takinogawa tournament! !!

Participants from the Kita Ward fencing class participated in the fencing Takinogawa tournament held at the Takinogawa Gymnasium on Sunday, October 25th.

Two people participated in the elementary school division (individual competition) and one person participated in the general division (group competition). * Junior high school students participated in the general section.

In the elementary school section, I was able to fully demonstrate the results of my daily practice and achieve good results.

In the general club, my opponents were high school and college students, so I had to struggle, but gradually I got used to the speed and power, and I was able to demonstrate my strength.

The fencing class sponsored by Kita Ward is always looking for participants.

For details, please check from the following website.

Kita-ku fencing classroom homepage

* At the fencing Takinogawa tournament, we took measures against infectious diseases such as submitting a week's worth of temperature measurement result reports, thermographic temperature measurement and hand disinfection at the time of reception, and wearing a mask during fighting.

(Scenery of the fencing Takinogawa tournament)