Interview with Sergio Suzuki, an athlete related to Kita-ku (Taekwondo Japan National Team -58 kg class)

A member of the Tokyo 2020 Tournament Project Team (nickname: #Tokiopa) conducted an online interview with Sergio Suzuki, the representative of Taekwondo Japan, who belongs to a company in Kita Ward (Tokyo Shoseki Co., Ltd.).

In the interview, we asked questions about taekwondo practice menus, pre-match routines, how to spend the holidays, and the future.

I was able to respond with a smile from beginning to end, and I was able to interview in a peaceful atmosphere.

I look forward to your success in the Tokyo 2020 tournament.

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* The interview was conducted at Akabane Sports Forest Park Stadium (5-2-27, Akabanenishi, Kita-ku) in late September 2nd year of Reiwa.

* Interviewers: Sayuri Yoshinaga and Sho Suzuki, members of "# Tokiopa" in Reiwa 2nd year

[Interview location]

[Athlete bill monument installation location]

* Sergio Suzuki's bill will be added to the monument at Inetsuki Nishiyama Park in Kita Ward (3-10-3 Nishigaoka, Kita Ward).