A message of “STAY HOME” has arrived from Hungary! ! ④

The message of "STAY HOME" has arrived from the Hungarian Judo Association ! !

A message from the Hungarian Judo Association ..

[Miroche] (Hungary, judo boy-100kg class)
Player Mr. Miklós, Men's Judo -100Kg Division, Hungary

It's a pity that the Olympics have been postponed for a year.
However, the Olympic goals are still the same and there is a possibility that

It's just a little late.
On the other hand, in the current situation, I spend more time with my family and loved ones,

I've always been able to do things I couldn't do with my busy practice.
Even in this situation, you too will not lose hope, live a positive and optimistic life,

Let's refrain from going out unnecessary and urgent. Take care of each other.

We are sorry that the Olympic Game was postponed for one year.
However, my target still has not changed and it will take a little more time only to achieve the goal.
On the other hand, under present situation, I can spend more time for what I cannot do due to hard and busy training such as the time with my family or my important people.
I hope you even under this situation, never to lose the hope, to have positive and optimistic life, and to refrain from unnecessary going out.Let's take care mutually.

Kita Ward is making various efforts to promote exchanges with Hungary, which has decided to hold pre-camps for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. For details, please check the URL below.