A message of “STAY HOME” has arrived from Hungary! ! ②

The message of "STAY HOME" has arrived from the Hungarian Fencing Federation ! !

A message from the Hungarian Fencing Federation.

[Cyclosi player] ( Fencing Epe)
Mr. SIKLOSI, Hungarian athlete of Fencing (Epée)

How are you in Kita Ward?
This is Syrossi Gergueyu.
In the current situation, everyone is being tried.
However, we believe that the coronavirus infection will soon be overcome and that everyone can return to their original lives.
It's a pity that the Olympics will not be held this year, but I'm glad that it was postponed for one year (not canceled) for the first time in the history of the modern Olympics.
We hope that next year we will have all the conditions for a successful Olympics.
Please follow the mandatory regulations to overcome this infection.

How are you, people of Kita City?
I'm SIKLOSI Gergely
Everybody is tested now.
But I believe we can soon overcome the infection of corona virus and get back to normal life.
I regret that we cannot have the Olympics this year, but I'm glad about 1 year's postponement for the first time in history of the modern Olympics instead of the cancellation.
I hope that all the conditions will meet next year to make the Olympics a success.
Please, you too, keep the strict regulations to overcome this infection.

Kita Ward is making various efforts to promote exchanges with Hungary, which has decided to hold pre-camps for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. For details, please check the URL below.