A message of “STAY HOME” has arrived from Hungary! ! ①

The message of "STAY HOME" has arrived from the Hungarian Judo Association ! !

A message from the Hungarian Judo Association ..

[ Chairman Thoth ] ( Chairman, Hungarian Judo Association)
Mr. TOTH, the president of Hungarian Judo Association

How are everyone in Kita Ward doing?
I am Chairman Thoth Larslow.
The new coronavirus is destroying everywhere in the world.
It is not possible to hold the Tokyo Olympics together in 2020.
You also cannot participate.
From Hungary, I would like to send a message to the dear Kita Ward, who are building very good relationships with us.
STAY HOME, please wait at home.
We also ask for support for the weak, the fallen, the elderly, etc. who need assistance.
See you next year at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics!

How are you, people of Kita City?
I am TOTH Laszlo, president of the Association.
The new corona virus has collapsed everywhere in the world.
We cannot hold the Tokyo Olympics together, nor even participate in 2020.
Here we send a message from Hungary to you, dear people of Kita City, with whom we have created very good relationship.
Please STAY HOME, stay at your home.
Also, please support the weak, the collapsed, and the aged who need our assistance.
See you at Tokyo Olympics in 2021!

Kita Ward is making various efforts to promote exchanges with Hungary, which has decided to hold pre-camps for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games . For details, please check the URL below.