[Participation fee is free] We hold the third Kita-ku sports volunteer training course! !

When conducting an event, it is important to create an environment where participants can enjoy sports safely. In addition, the third Kita Ward Sports Volunteer Training Course in the first year of Reiwa was based on the theme of "event safety management and emergency lifesaving training" so that we can respond promptly when encountering situations that require lifesaving treatment. Will be held !

(* Free of charge)


Sunday , January 26, Reiwa 2
From 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm (reception desk: from 1:30 pm)


Akabane Gymnasium (3-46-16 Shimo)
Exercise studio


First half: event safety management (classroom)

Second half: Emergency lifesaving training such as AED usage and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (practice)

* This does not certify lifesaving skills.


NPO Japan First Aid Society


If you live, work or study in the city

(University students with a comprehensive agreement with Kita Ward are also accepted)

※ Person who is not registered in Kita Ward sports volunteer system can participate.


50 (advance application system, first come, first served)


Easy-to-move clothes (no skirt), indoor shoes, lying bath towel (possible yoga mat), drink

[How to apply]

Apply by phone or e-mail
(In the case of E-mail, please specify your name and phone number)

* Participation on the day is also possible


Kita-ku Regional Development Department Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Section

TEL: 03-5390-1136

E-mail: spo-vol (at) city.kita.lg.jp
* Some notations have been changed to prevent suspicious emails. Please change (at) to @ and send.

Contact number on the day: 080-1108-9636 (phone number valid only on the day)