Enjoy more sports! Kita Ward sports ambassador recommended route introduction (Part 1)

Left: Eriko Ishino (speed skating girls), right: Haruka Ueda (racing girls)

In Kita Ward, the city of top athletes, Kita Ward sports ambassadors are commissioned to prominent athletes related to the ward, and the personality and charm of the ward are disseminated and promoted.

Kita-ku Sports Ambassador Haruka Ueda (swimming girls) and Erika Ishino (speed-skating girls) introduced the recommended routes (bottom left) of Kita-ku.

Between JR Jujo Station and JR Akabane Station, Ajinomoto National Training Center (NTC) and National Sports Science Center (JISS) )there is. In Kita Ward, the road connecting both stations and these facilities is called “ ROUTE2020 Named “Torsen Street” .

This time, starting from Jujo Station, ROUTE2020 You will be guided along the streets of Toresen and around Akabane Station, and further to the Prince area, where you will be introduced to the spots recommended by the ambassador.

Mr. Ueda: “I come to a shopping street around Jujo Station with my family.
Ishino: “I often go to Akabane on my way home from work. The Akabane area is so popular that I often ask my friends to take me there.”

The PR tower in Kita Ward, the city of top athletes, has been installed at the Rotary at Jujo Station, and the design has been completely renewed to foster the spirit of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The design is by a student of Tokyo Kasei University Department of Art and Design.

ROUTE2020 from Jujo Station It takes about 20 minutes to walk along Torecen Street .

Arrived at Nishiyama Park with Ina. NTC and JISS are adjacent to this park, and athlete bill monuments are set up in the park. You can see bills of athletes related to Kita-ku.

The height is 6.16m. It is designed to be the same height as the world record of pole vaults (maintained by Renault Labileni in France) when the monument was installed. The tip is a flame. It embodies the “soul” of athletes.

Currently there are 16 bills including Ueda and Ishino. A total of 26 bills will be installed by the end of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. You can also touch the bill.

And here is ROUTE2020 Ajinomoto National Training Center (NTC) and National Sports Science Center (JISS) in the center of Toresen Street .

Mr. Ishino is currently working for NTC as a member of the Japan Olympic Committee (JOC).

NTC is equipped with a cafeteria and lodging facilities as well as a dedicated training area for various competitions. JISS is composed of the Faculty of Sports Science, Sports Research Department, and Sports Medical Center, and supports the improvement of competitiveness of top athletes based on cutting-edge research in various fields including physiology and psychology. We also provide medical care and rehabilitation for injuries and diseases. NTC and JISS work together to support the world's top athletes.

Next, I came to Akabane Sports Forest Park Stadium . It has an artificial grass ground and is open for residents who enjoy soccer and gateball.

There is also a running station in the facility.

ROUTE2020 The tressen street sidewalk is lined with interlocking, making it easy for runners to run. The facility located along the road opens showers and lockers for a general charge of ¥ 300. How about using it by all means?

(* Prices are as of the time of the interview)

Sidewalk paved with orange interlocking appearance

We asked the sports ambassador about the training.

Mr. Ishino: “I was running more than 10 kilometers in the morning when I was active.”
Mr. Ueda “Speed skaters have to train the muscles of the thighs. Although there are track and field training in swimming, running and walking is about 15 minutes lightly sweating.”
Mr. Ishino: “I had a 16km max run. I tried to go around the lake with all my power. The run is important, but road bike practice is the most important. I also ran nearly 100km. Speed skating. I needed all my strength, instantaneous power and endurance, so I was working on strengthening my lower body.I still like the run, and I have completed the full marathon after retirement. "

At noon, I came to FGR DINER , a 4-minute walk from JR Akabane Station. A dining bar where you can eat while watching sports.

“Selectable lunch” (¥ 950) where you can choose two main dishes. Includes rice, pork soup and 1 drink. Ueda-san chose pork ginger sauté & munch cutlet, and Ishino chose pork kimchi with pork ginger sauté & bowl.

(* Menus and prices are as of the time of the interview)

Pork Ginger Saute & Menchikatsu

Pork Ginger Saute & Boiled Pork Kimchi

They both like to watch sports.
Mr. Ishino “I sometimes come to see sports matches at these sports bars.”
Mr. Ueda: “I have liked Mr. Hideki Matsui since I was an elementary school student, and I often went to the stadium. I was so enthusiastic about putting the score notes of the giants. I have been to the stadium again recently. "

Here, Ishino-san disbanded because of his necessity. Next time we will move to JR Oji Station and Ueda will introduce more recommended routes in Kita Ward.

looking forward to!