We hold Hungary fair!

Hungarian fairs will be held at the Takinogawa Gymnasium and Takinogawa Park in commemoration of the advance camp of the Tokyo 2020 Games by the Hungarian Judo Association and the Fencing Federation ! Hungarian top athletes are invited as guests to organize sports classes (some pre-registration required) and various events to learn about Hungarian culture.

Takinogawa Park also has a food booth where you can eat Hungarian cuisine !

We look forward to your visit ! !

* Please refer to the flyer for details.


November 30 (Saturday)

10:30 am to 3:30 pm


Takinogawa Gymnasium (2-1-6 Nishigahara)

Takinogawa Park (2-1-8 Nishigahara)

[Cooperation (in random order)]

Hungarian Judo Association, Hungarian Handball Federation, Japan-Hungary Friendship Association, Japan Danube Photo Club, Women's Nutrition University, Tokyo Chamber of Commerce North Branch, Kita Ward Sports Association, Kita Ward Shopping Street Federation, Kita Ward Youth Committee , Kita Ward Sports Promotion Committee Council, Komispo Takinogawa, NPO Redo ★ Shauffle

[Guest (plan)]

Ms. KARAKAS Hedvig (Judo Girls 57kg)

■ Profile

○ Age: 29 years old

○ Judo girls 57kg class

○ Achievements

Olympic Games
Rio de Janeiro 2016 7th place
London 2012 5th

Grand Slam (Judo Grand Slam)
2nd place / Dusseldorf 2018
3rd Place / Baku 2019, Tokyo 2015

Grand Prix
1st place / Astana 2014
2nd Place / Prix Havana 2016, Zagreb 2014, Miami 2013
3rd Place: Budapest 2019, Marrakech 2019, Budapest 2018, Zagreb 2018

Mr. NAGY László (handball)

■ Profile

○ Age: 38 years old

○ Handball (currently Vice President of Hungarian Handball Federation)

○ Achievements

Former Hungarian handball representative

Former FC Barcelona member

Obtained Hungarian League MVP 4 times

4th place in the Olympics 2 (Athens, London)

In the Takinogawa Gymnasium 1F lobby, Hungarian representative uniforms and medals will be displayed, and in the arena sports events such as smart fencing (fencing experience) and boccia experience will be held !

We look forward to seeing you !