Second, Kita-ku, will hold a sports volunteer training course! !

The 2nd Kita Ward Sports Volunteer Training Course in the Ornamental Year uses equipment unique to competition of hearing-impaired people, such as start lamps that invite players to participate in the Deaflympics (Deaf Olympics) as instructors and visualize the start sound. Experience the world of differential sports. This time, as a special event for disabled people, we will hold a lecture by the Japan Hearing Impaired Athletics Association before the sports volunteer training course.

* Participation fee is free


December 8 (Sunday)
2pm-4pm (Reception: 1: 30-)


Akabane Gymnasium (3-46-16 Shimo)
Exercise studio and sub arena


[Part 1] Disability Week Memorial Lecture “Soundless World-Deaf Land-Challenge to the Roaring Wall”

・ About the "Sound Wall" initiative that Def Track is working in Japan and around the world
・ About the difference between those who cannot be born and those who can no longer be heard
・ About support necessary for daily life and competition

[Part 2] Sports volunteer training course "Sports in sign language! Let's experience def sports!"

・ Starting blocks (equipment for putting your feet on when starting)
Experience the world of sports performed by people with hearing impairments using a start lamp (a device that emits light to notify the start)
・ Play games using a visible whistle

* Sign language interpretation available for both Part 1 and Part 2.


Part 1 Masahisa Takemi
(Deputy Secretary General, Japan Hearing Impaired Athletics Association)

Part 2 Sayuri Tai
(2013 Deaflympics Women's 100m hurdle bronze medal)
         Mr. Midori Kadowaki
(2013 Deaflympics Women 4 × 100m Relay 6th Place)


50 (advance application system, first-come-first-served basis)


Easy to move clothes, indoor wear, drinks

[How to apply]

Apply by phone, E-mail or FAX

(In case of E-mail or FAX, please specify your name and phone number)

Deadline: December 5 (Thursday) Must arrive

(* Participation on the day is also possible. The deadline will be as soon as capacity is reached.)


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